Flores Bail Bonds has been serving all of San Bernardino County for over 50 years. When in need of a professional and dependable bail bond agency in San Bernardino, our bondsmen are quick and effective in providing the services needed specifically for you. Our bail bonds agents serve you to provide you, as best as possible, any questions you may have about the San Bernardino Court and Jail Systems. The bail process can take several hours, which may be stressful, but Flores Bail Bonds does out best to provide adequate service that will be best for you and your loved one.

Whenever you’re ready to post a bail bond in any of the San Bernardino County Jails, call Flores Bail Bonds at 888-722-1880. We will do our best to have you released as soon as possible.

Booking and Release Information

The four main jails of San Bernardino County are: West Valley Detention Center, Central Detention Center, Glen Helen rehabilitation Center and Adelanto Detention Center. The process can take several hours, depending on the Jail’s system. While waiting for information, it is crucial to understand that it can take several hours for the inmate to be put into the system. The San Bernardino facilities have several thousand inmates and arrestees to work with on a daily basis.

With the San Bernardino facilities, if an inmate is first jailed in one of the counties smaller jail facilities, they will most likely be transferred to the West Valley Detention Center if they are not quickly released or bailed out. As for the other jail facilities, they are usually housed there for a short term. It is easier and faster to bail someone out of jail while housed at a smaller facility. In San Bernardino County, bail is typically allowed for 24 hours a day, unless, an inmate has not yet been granted a bail amount with the court at the time.

The Bail Process

The bail bond process can be confusing when you have access to limited information at the time or are unsure of the steps taken to bail out someone in San Bernardino. Because our bail agents are here to help you, there are routine questions that are asked to help the process run quickly and smoothly. We will make the process as easy for you as we possibly can, helping you with any information needed. Some of the following information we will need from you, if possible, includes:

1) Full name of the defendant.
2) Booking number and date of birth.
3) When and where the defendant was arrested.
4) What jail facility they are currently being held at in San Bernardino.
5) Their current bail amount (if applicable).

West Valley Detention Center
9500 Etiwanda Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91739
Phone: (909) 463-5000
Fax: (909) 463-5108

Central Detention Center
630 East Rialto Avenue, San Bernardino, CA. 92415-0025
Phone: (909) 386-0969
Fax: (909) 386-0924

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center
18000 West Institution Road, Devore, CA. 92407
(Mailing Address): P.O. Box 9490, San Bernardino, CA. 92427
Phone: (909) 473-2699
Fax: (909) 473-2581

Adelanto Detention Center
9428 Commerce Way, Adelanto, CA. 92301
Phone: (760) 530-9300
Fax: (760) 530-9306