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How Bail Works


When a person is arrested, they are taken before a judge to determine if bail or no bail is assigned. No bail may occur if the individual had previously skipped bail, poses a flight risk, or committed a serious crime. But, for most cases, the judge sets a bail amount based on the crime, age of the defendant, the defendants’ risk to flee and whether the individual is a repeat offender. The bail is the amount of money required by the court to release a defendant from custody and to guarantee their appearance in court.

Once a bail bond is posted and the defendant is released, the Bail Bond Agency will then become responsible for the defendants’ appearance in court. If, under any circumstances, the defendant fails to appear when required to do so, the court will “forfeit” the bond and demand payment from the bail bond agency. The agency will then do what is necessary to return the defendant back to custody and recover all their costs.

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Cash Bail (Cash Bond)

The individual has the opportunity to post the total amount of the bail in cash. The court holds the money until the case has ended and the individual may qualify for full refund if they return for all appointed trial dates. If court dates are missed, then the money is forfeited and the court can legally keep it. Because the bail amounts are usually high, it is advised that the individual shows up for all court appearances. The money can be released back to the individual within two months after the individual fulfills his obligations.

Bail Bond (Surety Bond)

The bail bond is the most popular form of bail. If the individual does not have enough money for the cash bail, he may use a bond company. In this case, the bond company will pay the bail, but charges a Premium for their service, usually 10%. The bail bond agency will also require collateral from a co-signer. Generally, the co-signer knows the defendant and is guaranteeing appearance to the court. The co-signer is reliable for paying the full amount back to the bail bond agency if the defendant happens to skip town and does not appear in court.